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Argentina – Algeria – Azerbaijan – Bangladesh – Belarus – Ecuador – Ethiopia – Egypt France – Greece – India – Indonesia – Iraq – Italy – Iran – Jordan – Kazakhstan – Kenya Korea – Libya – Lithuania – Malaysia – Morocco – Mongolia – New Zealand – Pakistan – Poland – Portugal – Russia – Serbia – Sudan – Syria – Saudi Arabia – Spain – Tajikistan Thailand – Tunisia – United States Of America – United Arab Emirates – Uganda  Ukraine – Vietnam

Company Profile

Founded in 1976 by Remzi İşbecer, our company has been exporting leather processing machines to forty two countries of the world with more than forty years of experience in its sector with proudness of “Made in Turkey” stamp on them.

Demaksan manufactures high technology leather processing machines and provides services to the sector at 5000 square meters indoor area in the factory located at Izmir-Kemalpasa Industrial Area with its proficient and professional employees in their fields with the aim of “100% customer satisfaction” principle.


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