Cleaning of paint channels in leather painting machines previously was done manually and with water. However, water could not produce enough energy as a propulsion force. Air has much more propulsion power than water. For this reason, we provide the return of the paint with air pressure. When the process is over, the remaining in the pump and hoses, 3, 5, 6, 8 liters depending on the model of the machine, is taken in a short time as 30 seconds, with twice pressure air than the working pressure. The system sends water to the emptied places until clean water comes out. Before, cleaning was in the form of watering the system and extracting the water from the tip of the guns. Considering that the holes in the tips of the pistols are 1 mm in diameter, no matter how high the pressure behind it was, since the outlet was too narrow, it could clean only the tips of the spray guns. Since it was not possible to thoroughly wash the inner parts of the hoses, there will be high-quality dropouts in products, having stains in small dots on the painted surfaces with previous paint colors remaining from subsequent color changes.

In the Vortex system, after pre-cleaning with compressed air, depending on the user’s requirement and preference, twice or three times the water taken into the pump is send into the system with high pressure and all the paint on the surface of the hose is peeled off, removing the previous one till to the tips of the guns. In every cleaning, it provides a clean working environment as if replacing the hoses of the machine with new ones.

The color change process for a machine is about 30 ~ 45 minutes. With the Vortex system, this process does not exceed two minutes. The cleaning provided by Vortex in a two-minute process cannot be achieved even with a three-hour cleaning operation of the classic system. The classical method discharges paint from the machine. In the Vortex system, all paint channels are washed and cleaned.

If we consider five times a day machine washing, it will consume a total of 2,5 to 4 hours per day, but still, there will not be proper cleanings. In other words, it will take half of an eight-hour workday without achievement of getting the desired clean-up. With a maximum operating time of 2 minutes of the Vortex system, the total time spent in the washing operation five times a day does not exceed 10 minutes and the desired cleaning is fully achieved.