This machine which we manufacture with the latest technology offers the best technical solution for leather finishing and can have twelve or sixteen arms according to demand and necessity. Each gun can have four pistols. These guns are suitable to spray any chemical substance (including acid chemistries) for any purpose.

Thanks to its advanced electronic and mechanical systems, there is no color difference between the painted parties. Ability to control all data of the machine gives this critical advantage. There are a variety of cabin types, standard, aqueous, ecologically compact and if desired, positive pressure models.

Thanks to the automatic cleaning system, the machine can switch from one color to another in a short time like thirty seconds. No residue remains in the hoses, and no clogging occurs. Besides, the finishing material contained in the piping of the paint distribution system is also recovered to save the chemical.

With DOUBLE EFFECT; twenty-four paint guns are controlled separately and can give different shooting effects. Shape and position of leather on the conveyor, daily measurements, work-wash times, showing the number of painted leather, the ratio (%) between the painted and actual surfaces of the leather and similar information can be followed-up on the screen.