The sulphiding machine is designed to automatically spray sodium and lime solution to flesh part of the skin. It is made of stainless steel (chrome nickel) to avoid being affected by sulfided and limy environment. It consists of units such as solution tank, spray cabin, recovery tank, band system, defrost aspirator and, control cabinet, saving 50% from labor and materials. The solution in the tank is sent to the spray guns by the pump. The excess solution sprayed from the spray guns goes to collection tank located under the machine, where it is filtered and sent back to the solution tank. Also, the solution in the tank is continuously mixed with a mixer so that it does not settle. During operation, the washing unit located under the machine continuously cleans the contaminated band. Sulfur gases which come out during the operation are removed from the environment by the aspirator through the ecological exhaust.



Working width   : 1400 – 1600 mm

Capacity           : 750 – 800 adet/saat

Installed power  : 7,5 kW

Net weight       : 980 Kg.


Width               : 1800 mm

Length              : 4500 mm

Height              : 1800 mm