Computer Control:

The temperature degree and the amount of water entered by the operator automatically go to the leather drum. Hot and cold water entering the system; fully automatic by the computer, untouched, get mixed with sensitive values, and as soon as the water comes to the desired temperature, sent to the target drum. It is possible to enter all data independently on the panel for up to ten drums.  “SUKON DATABASE” stores complete data for years. Storage of temperature, liters and other information provides ease of use in subsequent operations. In computer software, each drum has an independent setting and control page. On the computer control screen “DATE”, “HOUR”, “OUTFLOW WATER TEMPERATURE”, “THE NUMBER OF THE DRUM WATER IS SENT”, “THE AMOUNT OF WATER” ve “MACHINE OPERATING STATUS” can be viewed interactively. Sukon memory preserves these values in all circumstances. Drum settings designed to control digital inputs and digital outputs like buttons and switches with their full parameters from one point.



All the systems and data are encrypted and read only by the authorities for security purposes. The system does not allow entrance of water hotter than the specified temperature. If there is a botched attempt, the computer warns the operator and prevents the faulty operation. Also, if an operation does not complete during the water supply and water mixing process because of a negative situation rising from a wrong parameter, the system gets into “breakdown” situation, stops water feeding to the drums and warns the operator. In case of a malfunction, the system points out which inlet works fine but which does not for a diagnosis.


The machine automatically archives the date and time up to fifty malfunctions in five separate pages. This information will remain in the computer’s archive unless it has been deleted by the authorized operator using a password. This capability helps to observe the malfunctions, find solutions for them and check the operators’ performance. For each drum, if desired, it is possible to take only cold water. Press the “take cold water” button once, then push the start button. The drums will only receive cold water and will not make temperature adjustment.