Used for bleaching hair ends of painted leathers, tipping painting, fluorescent painting, all kinds of screen printing and similar applications. The machine is made up of;

1. Steam preparation units

2. Steam spraying injectors

3. Exhaust system.


Steam preparation units:At the main steam inlet, one separator separates the water from the water saturated steam. The dry steam, passing through the delicate water traps located in the front of each group, dryly goes to spray nozzles in fine particles.

Steam Spray Injectors:Injectors have systems that prevent water droplets that may appear on the bars where the nozzles are. These systems eliminate the risk of water dripping. At the same time, steam jackets which surround all the nozzles prevent the steam from being exposed to cold air and turn into the water during the spraying. Thanks to this advanced system, no electric heater is required.

Exhaust System: The chrome hood absorbs steam, and chemical vapors formed during the spraying preventing them from spreading around. In the hood system, there are channel systems that avert hot steam from multiplying cold surfaces to form droplets and dropping on the leather.

Elevator system: All steam injectors can move forward and back to the desired distance with the skin. This elevator system gives the achievement for the maximum effect with minimum steam. The system’s energy requirement has been reduced to 1/10th of a conventional system thanks to its superior technology. The steam application area of 2m is designed to provide the optimal effect in the shortest distance with the least amount of steam in the most uniform way. Moreover, the electricity consumption of the machine is almost “0” (only suction fans use 2.2 kW). All the features mentioned above provide a little cost and a homogeneous steam jet.