Product features

A PLC or a PC controls the machine, and use of it is easy.

·         It works in different languages.

·         Ability to give tolerance, to erase erroneous skin, to get total output.

·         Capability to enter package program, quality, color, sort, and other values.

·         It makes it possible to directly change information such as order code, product code, quality code, customer name and address directly from the keyboard.

·         An automatic stamping unit prints the area of skins.

·         Sudden stoppage of the machine because of power interruption or any other reason does not cause loss of information since the system automatically stores all data into the computer’s memory.

·         An electronic labeling machine is available in particular for “double face” applications.

·         Can measure in feet square, decimeter square and square meter.

·         In case of any inconvenience, it reports the fault on the screen and stops measuring automatically.

There are also wet blue measuring systems.

Exporting to major 42 countries.

Argentina – Algeria – Azerbaijan – Bangladesh – Belarus – Ecuador – Ethiopia – Egypt – Greece – France - India – Indonesia – Iraq – Italy – Iran – Jordan – Kazakhstan – Kenya – Korea – Libya – Lithuania – Malaysia – Morocco – Mongolia – New Zealand – Pakistan – Poland – Portugal – Russia – Serbia - Sudan – Syria – Saudi Arabia – Spain – Tajikistan – Thailand – Tunisia – United States Of America – United Arab Emirates – Uganda – Ukraine – Vietnam