It ensures the fastest and most firm fixation of the brissa material to the hair of the skin. Since painting follows this process, successful fixation is crucial to obtain the desired effects. Otherwise, it is almost impossible to eliminate the mistakes that may occur after painting.

General Features:

1.       Fully mobile, divided into units, each unit has four wheels and individual electrical connection with plugs.

2.       There is an air circulation system (separate for each unit) providing homogeneous heat in the tunnel.

3.       Modular construction; the desired length can be formed by adding the modules to each other with ease.

4.       For simple shipping, drive and tail parts can be demounted. The insulated cover system provides effective isolation of the entire tunnel improving heat efficiency and allows to reach the desired heat quickly in an economical way.

5.       Reflectors, construction of their carriers and connectors are made of chrome nickel.

6.       The temperature control is “P.I.D.” (proportional) system. In this way, the system adjusts the power to the IR lamps according to the necessity, and an uninterrupted beam falls on the material. Electronic control is continuous with “S.S.R.” (semiconductor relay). The “P.I.D.” temperature controller ensures that the desired temperature is precisely controlled within +2°C.

7.       Conveyor belt “P.T.F.E.” is a knitted band resistant to abrasion and 400 °C. Easy to replace with the help of “alligator” type connection.

8.       Conveyor belt speed is adjusted infinitely and continuously with the help of an electronic inverter and displayed on the digital screen.

Unit length 3400 mm, inlet foot 1000 mm, outlet foot 1000 mm

The width of band 130 cm,

Each unit has 9 IR lamps and three fan heaters.

The total electric power of each unit is 16.5 kW

Infrared fixing machine can is also usable in fur and textile industry.