The main parts of the automatic toggling machine consist of repeatedly arranged frames, a conveyor carrying them, a drive group, a tension control group and a drying group.

The frames are electro galvanize coated against corrosive effects. The only manual work in the entire process is latching the skins to the frames. The number of workers here determines the production volume. For toggling,  changing the working width with a motor and the chain system up to 100 mm defines the toggling capacity which is adjustable at any position (even when the conveyor is in motion) by pressing the buttons on the control panel.

Motor, reducer, leaf gear, and chain system makes the conveyor’s back and forth movement. Progress can be controlled manually with a pedal or automatically with two timers. One of them determines the movement of the conveyor, the other one the waiting period. There are also safety switches for extraordinary situations.

The drying system consists of three high-performance fans, three serpentines, a filter and drying channels. The drying ducts are placed underneath and above the conveyor throughout the machine, allowing the hot air to be delivered vertically to the surface of skins.

The air temperature inside the machine stays at the desired level with a thermostat. There are three adjustable humidity chambers for the release of damp air.

All hardware in the control panel operates with 24V. Particular pipes provide electric motor interconnection.