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• Targeted optimum temperature is achieved in a short time thanks to high and robust insulation.

• Intelligent proportional control system P.I.D. controls the heat with an accuracy of +/- 2 degrees.

• Thanks to the new reinforced air circulation fans, the temperature is optimally distributed throughout the drying tunnel, resulting in smooth, standard drying.

• Thanks to the exclusive upper air circulation system with dryer, only the fresh air at the top of the drier is used during drying, preventing the decrease of the finishing quality as the contaminant of the processed material accumulates on the bottom of the tunnel.

• Due to its strong insulation, the heating time is concise. The inner temperature of the drier certainly does not disturb the working environment, and the system works with high efficiency because of minimum thermal energy loss.

• Side doors that open and close automatically with the upward elevator system make cleaning the drying tunnel extremely easy.

• Movement of the side covers, siren light, and sound warning, as well as photocell safety features.

• The conveyor band of the machine consists of two parts. The first part contains the inlet foot and the painting cabin. The second part transports the material to be finishing along with the drying tunnel and along the outlet foot. Both of them have the support of frequent rushes suitable to the door weight.